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Points information:

1. Earn double points for every minimum of 2 nights stay during weekends (Friday – Saturday – Sunday)

a. 200 points x 2 nights = 400 points   
b. 400 points x 2 nights = 800 points
c. 600 points x 2 nights = 1200 points

2. Earn points in weekdays  (Monday – Friday)

a. 200 points/room/ night    
b. 400 points/room / night    
c. 600 points /room / night     

3. Earn points for reservations made via

a. 300 points/room/ night    
b. 500 points/room /night    
c. 700 points /room / night    

Food & Beverage:

- Additional 150 points for every purchase of any food promotion
- Additional 100 points for beverages & Cocktail premium  
- Additional 400 points for bottled wine     |
- Additional 300 points for whole cake      

- For every Corporate Functions minimum Rp. 6.000.000 get additional 1500 Points and get 500 points every additional Rp 2,000,000 spent

- Wedding & Conference minimum Rp.150.000.000 get additional 50,000 points and get 10,000 points every additional Rp 20,000,000 spent

Terms and Conditions:

1. Points apply to bookings made via direct booking to the hotel or

Start earning AirAsia BIG points today!
Swiss-Belhotel Balikpapan